Broward County Rapper Crazy Lazy Talks Upcoming Project -- 'Going Krazy'

Crazy Lazy is part a new wave of hip hop artists coming out of South Florida.  The rapper who grew up in Deerfield Beach, has built up a local army of fans and supporters who f*ck heavy with his sound. But he admits, "some are very upset because I haven’t been releasing music as I should." But that is soon to change.  Crazy Lazy plans to release new music later this year, hinting at the project, "Going Krazy".

Truth is, that title is one that a LOT of folk can identify with. I know I'm tired of wearing masks, social distancing, and getting Q-tips stuck up my nose. And the quarantine vibe definitely had me going cray-cray. 

Last year, he dropped a video for his freestyle over the City Girls "Act Up" track that got 10K on YouTube... but he has stayed out of the limelight since then, grinding in the studio for the upcoming album. 

"I haven’t released any projects in a couple of years but I’ve been teasing my fans with a lot hype music," he told TWB. His flow is fun, energetic, and his content is relatable and authentic. He's not trying to be anything he's not. He said ,"I’m a star in my city from being a humble stand up guy" 


Instagram: @datniccalazy

Twitter: @datniccalazy



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