Demi Lovato Praises Hip-Hop Artist/Producer Money Jezus After He Spotlights Black Trans Challenges in "Home"

A Florida boy, born and raised in Tampa, Money Jezus has a story like none other. He was born with a congenital heart defect; doctors said he wouldn't live past 21 unless he had surgery, which he underwent at the tender age of 7. A year later, his father died due to AIDS complications. He dropped out of high school around 17 and lost his mom at the age of 21 to a brain aneurysm.  Despite, his rough upbringing and early losses, rapper Money Jezus is finally on a winning streak. The visual for his single, "Home" is getting major buzz after going viral. He thought out of the box to boldly tell a love story.

"Every day I wish him peace up from the Westside."

When hip hop artist/producer Money Jezus originally planned for the launch of his music video, his team pictured another love story where he'd be seen next to a model chick playing his girlfriend. But with a passion for pure love and talks over a session with his manager Stan Greene of Arketek Management, Money was excited about an idea that would speak to a lot of people's hearts - including Demi Lovato!

Money Jezus, who is better known for his numerous major placements as a producer, decided to hire real trans model Lana Patel, to feature in the video. He tapped agency, Transgender Talent, where Ann Thomas is founder, to book Lana for the shoot, the story line depicting a day in the life of an ordinary Black Trans woman prior to meeting her boyfriend's family for the first time.

The video was released last month and has already received over a quarter of a million views. The Arketek team and Money Jezus used the video as an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations and promote his music on the popular new, Clubhouse, holding an open talk in a room titled “Music and Media on Black LGBTQIA.” 

Money Jezus told listeners about his father’s passing from the AIDS virus, noting that the love of his father was pure and it was that love that allowed him to create and express his artistry in this way. Later he shared images of his late parents, now both passed on Instagram.

Shortly after, Demi Lovato shared the video and told Money the following: 

"I'm blown away! The lyrics are just so stunning.. your courage does not go unrecognized and I have so much respect for you "

Here at The Weekly Beat, we give Jezus respect as well. The song pulls at your heart strings with its profound and deeply emotional lyrics. And the video brings marginalized love to the limelight. Even before this major recognition of his creativity, he'd already had some impressive music credits to his name. After a couple stints in the South --Atlanta, Georgia and Selma, Alabama-- he embarked on a one way trip to Los Angeles to try and solidify his career. Since then he has co-produced or collaborated with the likes of 2 Chainz, Jeremih, Chris Brown, and Nick Jonas. In 2018 and 2019, he closed out those years with co-writing and co-production credit for the first single by Atlantic recording artist IV Jay in addition to producing records for Problem, P-Lo, Kiana Lede, and Tedashii.  At the start of 2019, he earned himself a “Swedish Grammy” nomination for production on the hit “Kanns Som 05” by artist Cherrie.

Money Jezus’ single “Home” is out now on all music platforms



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