Elan Suave Riding the Wave Off His Hit Single, "Found Me"

There's a new hip-hop movement budding out of New York, and this artist who has the sound of young Bryson Tiller with a hint of Roddy Ricch is riding that wave.  

Elan Suave is a teenage hip hop phenom. The 16-year-old rapper  who hails from the birthplace of the genre, Bronx, New York, has seemed to find his niche.  His hit single, "Found Me" is a dope trap-ishly soulful track with a catchy sing-song hip hop melody. It's the lead single off Elan's 2020 EP, $uave $eason

"Broke my heart so much that I stopped counting..."  

$uave $eason, which is composed of five tracks, all written, arranged, and recorded by Elan, has been getting major buzz thanks to the success of "Found Me". The track has been featured on Spotify’s Discovery Weekly playlist was added to a Spotify Editorial playlist, New From NYC: Hip Hop after accumulating over 34,000 saves on Spotify in less than 3 months.  $uave $eason has definitely given Elan the boost and recognition he deserves.

Elan Suave’s love for music began at age 4 when he started playing the piano and singing on his church’s choir.  In 2014, Elan, at age of 10, participated in a talent competition for singing and playing the keyboard and won in both categories.   Two years later, he entered another competition and won the male Solo Vocalist category. In early 2017, Elan, at age 13, developed a keen interest in rapping and hip hop.  He demonstrated a knack for “spitting bars” and eventually fell in love with it.   By December 2017, Elan was in his home studio writing and recording his first single, “Really Mad,” which was released on March 31, 2018 when he was 14.   Elan spent the Summer of 2018 writing and recording his first EP, “Elan’s World”, which was released on December 21, 2018.  

He released a music video for “One On One”, a track on the EP which was a collaboration between Elan and his brother, Nellz Supreme, also an artist.  The music video has appeared in over 100 media, entertainment, and/or lifestyle outlets, including BetJams and Footlocker stores in the United States.  All the songs on “Elan’s World”, were written, arranged, and recorded by Elan.  To date, the EP has accumulated over 600,000 streams on Spotify, with the second track on the EP, “Hundreds”, on Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist for over a year.    

After “Elan’s World”, Elan released four singles in 2019, all of which he wrote, arranged, and recorded.  All of them were added to Spotify’s Discovery Weekly algorithm playlist and helped Elan to accumulate approximate 1.6M Spotify streams by the end of 2019.

After the success of $uave Season,  the ambitious young artist dropped his third EP, $uave $eason Vol 2, the sequel to $uave $eason which further demonstrates his versatility, talent, and artistry. 

He is excited about the future, especially the enormous potential to significantly expand his fanbase as his star rises. Check him out on his social and streaming platforms.


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