Hip Hop Duo, Fr$h&To$h Hit Go with a "Boom"

Fr$h&To$h is an up and coming hip hop duo. The group is comprised of  two brothers from the Northside of Atlanta,  3laFrsh & 3laTosh.  The talented singer/songwriters/producers have been busy in the studio, ready to show off their skills and versatility. 

Fr$h&To$h just dropped their new trap single, "Boom", and they're gearing up to drop another song later this month,  an R&B single entitled "4Life", dropping 1/23/21

"Boom" has that authentic dirty south, Westside of the ATL feel. It features a sick beat, high hat drum instrumentation and rape verses from 3laFrsh & 3laTosh. The vibe is a cross between lofi and mumble trap. 

"Prosecutor was just hatin', he ain't wanna see us make it"

What I love is that the duo keeps everything in-house. "We are signed to our own independent record label called Three Leaf Association." They explained.

You can check out "Boom" on all major streaming platforms.

Listen here: https://song.link/QXNDCtF8g4BJ9






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