JC The Don In Rare Form on Single, "BODY" Feat. Torrin & Dave East [VIDEO]

JC The Don (Born James Carter) is a rapper and songwriter from Huntsville, Alabama. His rap career started back in 2017 after releasing his first EP “4 The Beginning” and he's been in rare musical form ever since. With his combinations of singing melody and fast spitting lyrics, his music is a standout and traffic is clear in his lane.

"I had them bags, I survived in the drought..."

JC has had several releases since then--notably "Trenches", "Hitstick", and "Speak On It", but his dopest project to date is a trap infused collab entitled "BODY" Feat. Torrin & Dave East. The track is wavy from the beginning to end. Check out the video below:

"I walk with a limp, you would think I'm a pimp."



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