J.Cash The King Drops Wavy New Single, "No Tomorrow"

Earlier today, I was feeling kinda bad. It was hungry, tired, and tryna figure out how I'd have the energy to finish out the day. I popped on my headphones, double tapped YouTube, and decided to listen to some new music. One of the songs I checked out was a submission by J.Cash The King, a Dallas, TX based rapper. I'm glad I did.  He just dropped a wavy new single entitled “No Tomorrow”.

"Haters wanna take my spot. I ain't going out like Pac."

Most people don't really associate Dallas with hip hop.  Being fair, aside from Yella Beezy, there haven't been many rap artists that popped out of the DFW.  But that could change. 

J.Cash The King, born Johnathan Cash, is style-wise ...phenomenal. His delivery has the creativity and polish of a J.Cole or Drake. His swaggy confidence is Jay-Z level, and his lyrics are substantive content-wise. His inspiration comes from Jay-Z, T.I., Tupac and a love for storytelling. Cash began writing lyrics at the age of 10. It wasn't long before he had amassed a library of notebooks filled with rhymes and observations.  

As a young African American man, Cash has a strong appreciation for history, culture and his music encapsulates not just who he is as an artist, but who he is as a person. 

Cash’s latest release , “No Tomorrow” is available on all streaming platforms.

IG: @JCashTheKing Facebook: @JCashTheKing1988 Twitter: @JCashTheKing

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