Jeuse Kastoan Makes Music For Those Who Can't -- Album Review: 'Dodo II: Say Less'

Jeuse Kastoan is a 33 year old artist based in Souther Cali. Originally from Cypress, Texas, he's now living in San Diego "making music speaking for those who can’t," he explained.

His latest project is a full-length 14 song album entitled "Dodo II: Say Less". It's an imaginative, out of the box collection of emotional and reflective tunes --part rap, part soul, and heavy on the experimental vibes. Kastoan's flow is very classic and although each track is a musical journey of its own (in the vein of Kanye West or The Weeknd, his beats have an underground feel). I would probably still describe the project as alternative hip hop since most rap music is now trending trap or drill. 

After listening to the intro, I jumped straight to Sangria Flow -- attracted by the name. Musically, this ballad shows off the versatility of Jeuse Kastoan as we get to hear him sing over a well crafted, unique beat.

"Standup nigga, my ambitions never fall."

The Warm Up has an oriental influence and a dope suspense, but I kept wanting for a thicker baseline to drop. It didn't happen, but then I remembered the song is called "the warm up" for a reason... and I heard Jeuse chanting "just gimme some time and then I'm gonna do it."

Other tracks that stand-out are Let Go/Forsaken Interlude and San Juan Flows.. "Dodo II" has an international feel with sounds from the Orient to the Caribbean tied together with his smooth falsetto sounds.  It's worth a listen. 

"No soul, the goal is to live life freely."






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