Joe Insane Yo Releases Introspective Rap Album, 'A Beast Released'

Joe Insane Yo is a 41year old rapper reppin' the Dirty South.  Last month, Joe released a full length rap album entitled A Beast Released.  The album is a cool insight into what's going on in his head. Listening to the album, I felt like I was listening to musically curated selection of Joe Insane's personal journal entries --in prose form.  

The Dothan, Alabama raised artist has always fucked with hip hop.  As he explained to TWB staff,  "I been in the game my whole life... couple bids in prison. Now I'm puttin' down on this rap game. FOR REAL!" His Alabama accent comes out when he's flowing, but his sound is still crisp, and his lyrics are his life. You can feel the grit and realness when he spits. 

"Im a bomb, bout to detonate. Self medicate." 

A Beast Released is a 14 song project that is raw, classic, and approachable. Standout tracks for me are "Firre", "Dedicated", "Spooky" and "Go". 

"Every move I make, under the table. Gambino"

You can learn more about Joe Insane Yo on his social and streaming platforms...


Facebook: @joeinsaneyo 

Instagram: @joeinsaneyo 

Twitter: @joeinsaneyo



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