KingPaysos is Renaissance Man; Drops New Single, "White Guilt" Ft. Malcolm X

KingPaysos is a creatively sophisticated rap artist straight outta Brooklyn, New York.  He's been making buzz all around the tri-state area with his mixtapes, beats and music business acumen -- Besides being a rapper, he's a podcaster, radio personality, and the founder and CEO of Blacc Market, a music production company. 

Let's start with his new music, especially the song "White Guilt" Ft. Malcolm X. The hip hop track is one for the culture. The soulful, basement beat sets the mood just right for the classic, forceful yet refined flow of KingPaysos. He spits knowledge and wisdom as he sheds light on many of the racial inequities and racist policies that lead to what he refers to as "white guilt". 

After the tumultuous year we've had that included many conversations on race in America, "White Guilt" feels very timely and relevant. His lyrical content is straight-forward yet feels so profound. 

How is it I'm labeled a criminal?
When your motive is so intentional,
You cross breed and then gentrify
You want us gone; that's genocide

KingPaysos thinks of the impact to black folk in everything he touches-- whether it's a mic, a pen, or a dollar. Blacc Market is a culmination of KingPaySos’ deep connection with the black community and an intense desire to make it a platform for promoting businesses owned by black people; hence its name, which is a coinage of his target audience. A seasoned musician, KingPaySos’ debut mixtape, “This Is New York,” hit the airwaves with a thud, selling over 20 thousand units in Seoul, South Korea, in 2008. This was soon followed by his multiple appearances on several artist projects, including 6Sec Records before releasing his first solo EP title, “S.o.S” in 2016. 

Aside from a series of singles he's been steadily dropping, his most recent project is the album, “Summer of Sam,” released on July 24, 2020, under Blacc Market. KingPaySos writes incredibly breathtaking lyrics, both for himself and other musicians, with a penchant for making hip hop songs, R&B, Pop, K-Pop, Soul, among other genres. His compositions are a powerful reflection of the fierce love for hip hop music he nurtures, highlighted with melodious, skillfully crafted lyrics, fused into genius wordplay to produce an intense but smooth flow. 

The remarkably creative beat maker, is renowned in the music industry for his impressive ability to pick a unique element in the beat and use it to flow.

KingPaySos has a solid reputation in the rap battle ring as an aggressive and fearless battle rapper, wittily wrapping his rap punches in a comical humorous delivery to annihilate his opponents. 

KingPaySos’ podcast, The Sos Project, has rapidly gained track and attracted diverse listeners. The show is centered on elaborate conversations about community, music, relationship, and lifestyle. Armed with huge dreams and fervent determination, KingPaySos is setting his sight higher to become one of the greatest musicians of all time.





Instagram: @iamkingpaysos

Twitter : @iamkingpaysos

Snapchat: kingpaysos


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