Miles Newby Drops Captivating Hip Hop Project, "Infatuated"

Miles Newby is a 28 year old sage, he is an experienced soul and it is captivated in his art. A talented musician he is, but he's multifaceted and is fully immersed in the world of arts -- from hip-hop, fashion design, and graffiti to name a few of his hallmarks. 

But Miles has the art of seduction when it comes to his listeners.  In fact, his new album is aptly titled, "Infatuated". From the soulful and jazz-filled sounds on Cold Hearted to the melodic emo-trap vibe on Broken, there's an infectious quality to this project. And lyrically, his content is complex, shaped by experiences and lessons learned from love and heartbreak. 

"It's funny, real funny, got me laughing, laughing at how dumb,

How dumb in love I was, how blind that I'd become."

"Infatuated" helps explain Newby to his audience. Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Miles Newby was brought up in a very creative space. A son to two talented artists, it is no wonder that the vibrations he emits are infatuating. A true artist turns the pains of life into a portrait of beauty. Miles’ story is one of heartbreak, infidelity, and deceit. Freshly coming out of a toxic long term relationship, beaten, battered and broken. Mixed with a year that historians will not leave out of the text books. Miles found himself alone in a pandemic quarantine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Reflecting on were life had taken him and where to go next. Miles turned back to music as a way to cope, he brushed off his microphone and began to do the only thing he thought would help.

Miles constructed himself a make shift studio out of odds and ends he could find around his home. Layered moving blankets upon each other and began to work. Processing emotions through a form of art, and passing the time creatively to keep his mind off what ailed him. His feelings and emotions shine through each record. The story telling style of old school hip hop mixed with his own sophistication. A project intended to have a Lo-fi, ambient, dirty grit feel, mixed with a little bit of seductive energy. Miles is an artist with his words, and has an amazing way of conveying this through his album. Miles created every aspect of this project, from the lyrics to the album arts to the videos. To be a one man show and achieve this level of production, it takes true passion and Miles Newby has it.

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