No3tic Drops Dope Instrumental Alt-Hip Hop/Chill-Hop Album --"Fields"

No3tic is a producer/artist straight outta Nashville, Tennessee. Although  he is hip-hop at heart, his love for multiple genres of music and film help shape his unique sound, which tends to pull from many different places. He always considers himself a producer before anything else, with many of his released tracks being instrumentals that he produced, but he is no stranger to the mic either. But we're gonna focus on his beats because they're dope, and you need to hear them.

He just released a new album entitled, Fields (Instrumentals). It contains 9 mystical, chill-hop meets trap tracks. If you are looking for some fresh new beats or just some chill lofi type vibes, Fields needs to be on your playlist. 

I really like "Ocean". It has a soulful yet electrifying vibe. "Cautious" is another dope track. It has a nice vocal hook, a sexy piano interlude, and good synth build up. 

"Out of My Mind" is a really attractive, clean instrumental. It has a trap soul vibe, but also plays like a drill beat. If you're into new age or alternative hip hop music, you will really dig No3tic. And he's no novice. The music city native has been in the game for a minute. "The vibes of my beats are unique, so if you need beats you cant find anywhere else, you in the right place", he explained.

Inspired by artist/producers like Kanye, Drake, The Weeknd, Tame Impala and Radiohead, his goal is to blur the lines between producer and artist.  


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