PGmaineee Wears the Crown in "Like The Man"

PGmaineee or PG, has created one single project that perfectly explains the life of an upcoming artist. With this project you can see the aggression, depression, devastation, humiliation, and pain the Houston, Texas rapper painted in this project. 

I had the opportunity to listen to his new EP, "All of Me" and there is a track on there that I think you need to hear. Entitled Like The Man, the song song talks about dreams, ambition, and the game. He confidently raps, "when the time is right, I will wear my crown."

The track feels like freestyle in terms of its composition; there's no central hook or chorus, but there is no lack of energy. PG's verses are hard hitting from beginning to end. 

"Making major sacrifices for the life that I want"

His voice stands out from the rest of the crowd. He has a unique sharp and raspy voice that compliments the way he conveys his emotion. I've gotta admit... his style and sound will definitely catch a listener's attention. His first project was "My Two Cents".  And he put the money and hard work into this next project, fusing his raw energy and talent to create one single project that explains everything that resembles him. 



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