Rap Trio, Last Cabal Is Hoping Two Times is a Charm

Last Cabal is a hip hop band that creatively blends hip hop and other genres into a twist of their own.  Coming off of the buzz of their critically acclaimed debut "Vol. 1" many are awaiting to see if the sophomore slump is something they can avoid.

They dropped visual for the first two singles (Bes'likedat and Boomshakalaka) off the upcoming album. Both songs pick up where they left off in Vo.1, carrying through on that classic northern rap sound. Real chill beats, hard hitting lyrics, and bars galore. 

"Got my favorite girl in my favorite shirt, nigga it be'slikedat" 

Made up of Darryl Watson a New Jersey based emcee, Mark Thomas (saxophone/arrangement) and Mike Burrell (guitarist/singer/keys ) from New York, they aim to push hip hop in different ways. And they have the musical experience to do just that. Between the three of them, they have a fanbase in over 40 countries.

The band is hoping their new album will gain them even more buzz. Entitled "16 Tracks for that Azz", but with all their talent, Last Cabal just needs one to make an impact on the landscape of hip hop.


YouTube: youtube.com/lastcabal
Facebook: facebook.com/lastcabal
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/lastcabal
Intagram: instagram.com/darryl_watson
Instagram: Instagram.com/mikefromtheus
Twitter: twitter.com/darryl_watson


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