Rapper, Big Bounce Shares the Struggle of Coming Up on Chicago's West Side in Single -- 'Projects'

Big Bounce is a rapper from Chicago's west side. Growing up, you can imagine, life was not ideal. Thats not uncommon,  but where he's different is in his willingness to share his story.  His latest single, "Projects" is an honest and heartfelt rap testimony set in the grimy streets of the Windy City. 

The song has a trap vibe and lyrically, it's as real as it comes. It's less about the come-up story, more heavy on the grind and pain of being from the projects. Bounce's flow feels like a mashup of Rod Wave, Future and Roddy Rich but his sound is huskier and you can hear pain and struggle in his voice.

"If I'm locked up, tell my son don't visit"

Versatility is one of many paths to success these days, and Big Bounce is no different: the Chicago rapper has strengthened his music within the last 12 months with the use of more vulnerability and pain in his music. But there's more to Big Bounce than that.

Tell me about your upbringing? And how did that impact your lyrical content?

I grew up on the west side of Chicago, moving around I saw a lot of traumatic stuff. My upbringing was close knitted with family mindset... surviving most of the time. I was raised in a family of five kids, where the music never stopped playing. Everyone had their favorites: R&B, gospel, Jay Z, Kanye, Drake.... I talk about a lot of pain in my songs to let other people know that you're not the only person going through these issues, and I give the reality of the situations I’m in or have been through.

"I just wanna house and my own driveway..."

How did you get started rapping?

I started making music in six grade, listening to underground artist CD’s as well as the common artist at the time...writing the lyrics I heard and then rewriting them into my own words. I first heard myself recorded with a tape, & a microphone connected to a karaoke machine upstairs at my longtime friend, Kareem grand parents house. It wasn’t much but it was a start. How to make it sound good. It was fun, because I love doing hands-on stuff and learning. I was being creative and having fun. My passion for sound led me to pursue music even more seriously. I loved what I was hearing mainly around 2012 and so on. Claiming that my family members and neighborhood cohorts' own musical explorations provided further inspiration. I was thinking, I could do better than that. I never thought about taking music further than football.

What artists or people most influenced your sound and style?

 Listening to Tupac Big Jay Z, Kanye & underground groups in Chicago helped shape my original flow & lyrical content.... But in particular, I acquired a taste for Jazz from my father.  My younger brother and sister sang in the church choir at Lively Stone, while my mother sang in the church as well and began singing and writing blues music, performing all throughout the city of Chicago. I grew a likeness for the piano but never fully pursued to learn. I learned a little bit about how to read the keys from a patient at Mt Sinai Hospital.

How did you get your name?

I got my name from my friends from being a bouncer for so many years so I finally took it and ran with it. 

Dream Collab?

My dream collab would be Kanye... being in the studio with him live & direct.



Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1XiVpQgaQHJFUH6O3d7fgS?si=05MuNITOT_2jnTZDnWPkmQ

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/big-bounce/1441697505

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/BigB0z290/?ref=bookmarks

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