Rapper Bougie Vuitton Shows Off His Versatility in New EP--"Bougie"

Bougie Vuitton
is a 31 year old hip hop artist 
brings a comprehensive approach to hip hop that manifests itself in a combination of vocal and lyrical prowess to achieve the perfect harmony of sound. Although he lives in Richmond, Virginia, Bougie's originally from Queens, New York, the birthplace of Nas, 50 Cent, and LL Cool J. And you can hear the New York grit in his sound on his new EP entitled "Bougie".  The project is a fresh and festive five track compilation of original hip hop vibes.   

First up is Affiliation. In this song, Vuitton sets the tone--crisp flow, biographical content, and a dope drum beat. 

"Going hard with no patience,
No, I can't be complacent."

On M.O.B., Bougie shows off his versatility, switching up the the flow and the vibe.  Here is about "money over b*tches" as he spits over a nice light kickback type beat. Then he heads over to the trap side for See It Want It Buy It.  His sound is a bit more melodic on this track. Its one for the ladies, "She want cash and trips and I be wildin.'"

Hollow Tips is my favorite tracks on the album. The sick high hats in the trap beat, the catchy hook, and Bougie Vuitton's soulful delivery  take this song over the moon. His musicality seems to come through best on this track. Hailing from a family of accomplished vocalists, a rich musical heritage provided Bougie the idyllic foundation to superstardom. His roots in the church and concert choirs instilled in him the technical training and perspective necessary to develop into a phenom.  

On Como Te Llamo  he plays around with the Latin Trap genre, again showing his flexibility as an emcee and his true musicianship as he creativity raps in Spanglish. 

"B*tch its mi casa not mi condo"

The true embodiment of today’s emcee, Bougie provides an honest testimony to issues that plague us all. Never shying away from personal accountability or struggle. The beginning of his solo career can be traced back to 2011 (Tabula Rasa), where he established himself as a preeminent lyricist. 

He’s enjoyed success in a rap duo (The Fury MCs) that has released 5 projects since 2015. He’s looking to take the next step in his storied history as an artist by showing the world why he deserves recognition in the elite class of this generations emcees.

"Bougie" is available on all major platforms



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