Sin Love Lie Delivers On "Are No Stars After All"

Marvin Mayo is an Athabascan/Inupiaq artist from Fairbanks, Alaska. He's also a credited producer and music publisher, producing under the name X_x (Poison) and publishing songs under the moniker, Sin Love Lie.

"Take everything that's going right"

I checked out a rap project of his, an 11 song album entitled "Are No Stars After All".  Its a compilation of rap tracks with classic beats and his original biographical lyrics. The album gives real introspection into Sin Love Lie's life experiences. Listen to it here:

"This time of day... I usually be so high"

He credits as his music influences dope hip hop artists such as Andre 3000, J.Cole, and MF DOOM. And I can hear a slight crispness in his delivery that is reminiscent of a young J.Cole.  On "Goldstream" we get a rap soliloquy, a unique chill-hop vibe, and some dope verses as  we listen to Sin "make something outta nothing." 

Other standout tracks for me include "Luv vs Love" and its sexy Brooklyn trill type beat, "Friends S10 E18", and I LOVED "Devil Emoji." Sin Love Lie seems to really find his grove on this dope, deeply instrumental track mixed with his laid back spoken word/rap flow. 

With his unique sound and flow on songs like "Somersault", this artist shows he's definitely one to keep up with... 



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