True Justice, Rep and Young Parker "Go Hard" Merging EDM with Christian Rap

"Go Hard" is a mind altering electronic hip-hop collab between 3  east coast artists on the rise, True Justice, Rep, and Young Parker. The single blends elements of House, Hip Hop and Trance to create an innovative, inspirational and psychedelic sound. It was released on Dirty Beatz Records.

The single stays in the positive, the vibe is Christian rap, but the mood is electric praise and worship! I haven't been to church in years, but this track had me vibin' off the lyrics and wanting to jump up from my desk. The beat is sick.

"But I should worry bout my life, where my soul going next"

Rep is an east coast rap artist, blogger, public speaker, and writer with a goal to show how a Sovereign God desires a relationship with us. 

Young Parker is a Christian Indie Hip Hop/Rap artist from Richmond, Virginia who says he tries "to push quality music that even non believers have to bob their head to." 

"I'm fully authentic, fully myself, no need to pretend..."

True Justice has worked on a number of projects placed in the Psytrance genre, and he's had great success in several continents all over the globe.
 Today he’s grown in every way, he once more past on the an other genre and found him self to really appreciate House, Electro and Trap and with confidence he merged this genres and added layers of progression consisting of progressive beats and monstrous bass. 



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