UK Drill Rapper, Strategy KI Drops New Single -- "Ops Go" [VIDEO]

Drill is a style of trap music that originated on the South Side of Chicago in early 2010.  It is defined by its dark, violent, gritty lyrical content and ominous trap-influenced beats. Drill music emerged first out of the South Side of Chicago, where rappers like Chief Keef patterned their beats with, as Vice writer, Mahmoud Fazal describes it, "relentless violence, bravado, and an unflinching insight into Chiraq." Similar to the Trap subgenre, the raw, uncensored lifestyles of the artists are laid bare in plain sight. Strategy KI delivers his rhymes using a UK drill vibe.

Around 2012, the UK Drill scene evolved from the American Drill Scene as a deviation from the British Road Rap genre. While sidestepping the hedonism of the Chicago style, UK Drill emphasizes the elements of what it takes to survive in the ends.UK drill is also partly responsible for the Brooklyn Drill sound made popular by Pop Smoke. The sound is a combination of trap music, Chicago and UK drill music (the latter of which brings influences from British grime and dubstep).

The aesthetics of UK Drill are sharp: their faces are disguised in Nike or North Face masks; they rock GORE-TEX spray jackets; and the wordplay revolves around cryptic assaults on “ops” or rival gang members. This pretty much describes our featured artist, Strategy KI.  He stays masked up, his flow is crispy like, and his lyrics reveal his authentic self-- in these streets, getting it how he lives.

"Might do a man like Pop Smoke; Do a man so dirty, then wipe the tool cuz its dirty."

On New Year's Eve, the UK rapper dropped a sick new single entitled "Ops Go". On the grimy track, Strategy spits about all the reasons for not wanting to let his ops go. 

Watch the lyric video below...  



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