Underground Rapper, Nolan Drops New Album - Antiquitech

Hip hop is a way of life for me. Rap is an essential part of the fabric that I wear, and the sounds from the basement are what keep the genre fresh, relevant, and real. Over the years, the underground rap movement has shifted from the basement to the internet. From Soundcloud to YouTube, emcees are delivering creative lyrical content through the internet. This is where we found Nolan Moralez aka Nolan. 

Nolan is an underground hip hop artist from West Michigan. He's the founder of Crayfish Tribe Records which he publishes his music through. A self-described rapper's rapper, he's a force on the mic.  

His newly released album, "Antiquitech", is a slow moving, real chill project. Sick lo-fi elements, a classic rap flow, EDM-ish beats such as on the track "Nordic Tyme", and dope vocal and multi-instrumental loops run throughout this project. Production is credited to Slick Ross. Nolan has been working on the album for a while and finally released it on January 8th.

Dark winter, it will never be day. Night time all night and day"

I really enjoyed "State of Decay". The dark song touches on very relevant topics like coronavirus, fake news, and well... the whole 2020. 

Who are some of your influences? 
Nas, Ab-soul, Immortal Technique 

What drives your content? 
Past events & current events... and the responsibility to change the future drives my content.
How would you describe your flow? 
My flow is hip-hop.. a rapper's rapper... laid back flow. 

How is your content different from whats already out there?
This album is different from anything else out there because it's entirely produced & mixed by slick ross and has samples from a different part of the world in each track the lyrical content is about what's happening in the current news as well as the secrets of our past tied together with hip-hop and trap music influences.



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