Album Review: Lil Pink Gives off "Supernatural" Vibes

Lil Pink is an up-and-coming artist from Canton, Ohio who recently released a 9 track album entitled "Supernatural". The project blends alternative, trap, and emo sounds in a pop-ish sorta way. Pink's lyrics are out of the box, racy and raw --part biographical, part supernatural. Their raspy sound is a mashup of Tekashi 6ix9ine, Marilyn Manson, and Ghostemane. The album is worth a listen.

The 17 year old grew up very poor with their brother and mom and then welcoming the last of their siblings at ages 7 and 9. Lil Pink was carrying out their average student life until 7th grade, where the idea of making music popped into their head. They wouldn't actually pursue this idea until the following year when they met 2 other artists with whom they  started a group in late 2017. They went by the name CharmGang and began to release music in 2018, their first album being published on April 1st of 2018. They continued as a unit until August of 2018 when they parted ways leaving Lil Pink as the only member of the 3 to continue their music career.

Lil Pink's project is filled with creativity and emotions. Can't Help Falling in Love with You is like an audible diary entry. Lil Pink gives a soliloquy set to a dope looped sample a classic song. Mannequin, which features the vocals of Annabella co$t, has a nice hook and Pink's lyrics leave no room for misunderstanding the track's purpose -- bust it down, and throw it back. 

"F*ck you til I get numb to the feeling" 

Cody Manson add some fire to Gacy with his hard hitting bars. And the beat in this song is sick.  Another track I love is Venomous. It features a melodic chorus and features by Dallas D and Nina Rae. Lil Pink is a scorned lover laying venom all over this track. 

The album closes out with Supernatural. The beat is like some sh*t out of the circus. "I ain't your f*ckin puppet; I ain't your toy." Lil Pink put a lot of effort into this project and you can tell. As their fan base grows and flow matures, it's only up from here. 

"On my own, I don't need no help."



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