ALBUM REVIEW: Northern Virginia Rapper, Dalaryius Digs in Deep on New Project: 'Until 2020...'

Virginia isn't the first state you think of when you talk hip hop. But it actually has a thriving underground hip hop scene that's paved a yellow brick road for a number of artists. 
Timbaland, Missy Elliot, Chris Breezy, Pharell Williams, and Clipse are all from Virginia. The state is also home to a 30 year old up-and-coming rapper known as Dalaryius.  

The NOVA native runs and manages Weed Receipts Records and is also a part of  the alt-rap duo, Weed Receipts. He considers himself a very versatile emcee and "hopes to narrate your life in ways you can't." He just dropped his album "Until 2020..." and we were able to give it a listen. The 6 track rap project is a well curated collection of his musical talent. It showcases vocal versatility, flexibility in his flow structure, and an ability to curb his creativity--generating a sound savory even to a non-hip hop listener. 

Get what's coming to ya has a classic underground basement feel. His delivery has a familiar sound that reminds me of a combination of Andre 3000, Kanye West, and Nas. The track has that mellowed out and chill vibe. Its very easy listening.

The beat on Heirloom kicks off with a dope Biggie sample. On this song, Dalaryius switches up the flow. He's much more melodic on this track. Its a soulful hip hop sound, and the song's lyrics are dope. Despite the smooth sound, he keeps it raw, "that pussy put me in a pine box.." But there's also a purpose in his music. At times, like on the track, Riot, there's its political, deeply reflective, and provoking. Perhaps, that why he describes himself as "The Orator". 

On Sway45, the emcee shows off his vocal and rapping skills.  The Outkast-ish vibe on this song is incredible. Dalaryius obviously has a good ear for true hip hop. On his IG, he admits he's just a "musician tryna be dope, not popular."

"How you gon' hate cuz I f*ckin practice..." 

Other album standouts include Riot and CR+MD. But the whole album is a chill vibe with classic rap and backpack rap, soul and lofi hip hop elements. Its DEFINITELY not one to miss.


Instagram: @dalaryius 

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