Artist Spotlight: Cy Matik Drops Mixtape of Beats -- 'Cymatik Savagery'

In an ever changing music industry, Cy Matik has found his groove. He's a dope music producer from Chicago, Illinois who uses his creative and technical abilities to make eccentric and mellow trap beats. The beatmaker is building a sonic landscape that enhances his moving musical imagery. His talents are showcased in his a newly dropped mixtape entitled "Cymatic Savagery"

 A quick run through his beat catalog on and it soon becomes clear that Cy Matik is a master of the production dialect. From the club bangers “Western Heat” and “Vanquish”, to the deep rumbling bass lines of “Big Bad Bass” and the stoner flavors of “That Fire”, Cy Matik delivers ample proof that he can generate sonics with massive hit potential.

On “Loving Every Second With You”, he pulls it back a bit, in a dreamy R&B inspired beat, before transitioning to the Trap-induced “Lost & Without”. Moving forward, “Dark Funk” slams hard with a head-nodding beat and a set of shimmering keys. 

“Sex Under The Stars” keeps its slinky momentum creeping along at 120bpm, before another bass-bustling stoner groove sets in, on “Burn One”. “Smooth Mission” does exactly as the title says, with its silky and soulful elements propelling the arrangement, while “On One” is more bombastic and resonant, almost cinematic in its execution. Whether your intention as a rapper is to woo, impress or just chill, these beats will have your audience vibing for a long time to come.

Cy Matik demonstrates considerable skill at building polished, unified tracks out of disparate sonic elements and styles. There’s also sense of passion in these tracks that isn’t always present in beat-maker sets. His beats are hooky, inviting and accessible pieces of work that can be enjoyed by casual hip-hop fans as well as hardcore devotees who understand and appreciate the mechanics of beat-making. 

Cy Matik’s warm, clean production sits well with beat-driven hip-hop as he impressively straddles the line between mainstream-commercial sounds and the more indie edges. His broad range of influences, shows in his beats, allowing his signature sound to speak for itself.



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