Artist Spotlight: Kingsavy Drops New Mixtape, 'Real Recognize Real'

Kingsavy is an up-and-coming artist out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He's been making moves in the underground rap scene, but as he keeps dropping new music, his names is starting to buzz. He just released a brand new mixtape entitled, "Real Recognize Real", and it goes hard. 

"I'll starve by myself before I eat off a nigga plate..."

The 24 year old rapper puts out his music independently, allowing him to control his content and creativity. And it shows in terms of the real rawness of his current project. He's writing from an autobiographical standpoint, introducing his listeners to his story. From Since I Started Rapping to How We Was Raised, KingSavy is shedding light on his grind, his upbringing, and his unique musical style.

"I learned how to mix and master on my own too"

His lyrics are authentic, his flow is real mellow, and his beats are dope. My favorite song on the tape is Been M.I.A. Lately. He switched up his flow on this track to a more melodic vibe. His musical taste is eclectic, having been influenced by Chief Keef, Lil Wayne and Michael Jackson.

Check out his new mixtape "Real Recognize Real here:



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