Artist Spotlight: Krafty is Set to Make Waves on British Underground Rap Scene with Upcoming Album, 'Artificial Nature'

Krafty is a 31 year old British rapper and producer based in the South East of England. A couple weeks ago, he dropped a new single, "More". And he's gonna give listeners even more really soon, though an exact date hasn't been set for the release of his self-produced album, "Artificial Nature".

Watching the lyric video for "More" is a visual experience. Seeing Krafty's poetic thoughts and reflections brought to life give his music extra special energy.  On the track, he melodically delivers the message of two people with a larger appetite for love.  

"gotta move different, if you want different"

The song is the third single from the upcoming "Artificial Nature" project.  His creative juices have been flowing, and he's got a lot to say. Alongside that album, Krafty will also be dropping "KingPin" on the same day. 

 Having spent his teenage years studying the likes of Big L, Eminem and Redman, Krafty has developed his own distinct style combining cheeky punchlines and melodic choruses over dope hip-hop beats. 

"Cause she say she don't trade respect for attention"

At age 12, Krafty was booking studio time and cutting demos at Back Alley Studios in Maidstone and practicing his rhymes on a karaoke machine in his bedroom. This initiative eventually led him to buying his own studio equipment and turning his room into his own make-shift recording booth.

In 2018, Krafty made the decision to become more hands on with his music by dedicating a year to learning more about music production. The results of which can be heard on 2019’s album Show Must Go On with the songs Brainwashed and Coulda Remix (the latter featuring long-time collaborator and cousin JackPot).

After relying on the talents of producers Sinima, Oskar Mike and several others over the years, Krafty decided the only way to go further in his career was by producing everything himself. This will be seen with his upcoming self-produced album Artificial Nature.

Since 2014, Krafty has been releasing music under his own independent record label, Monumental Records. "Nobody wanted to sign me, so I signed myself."

The label has since gone on to scout and offer services to other independent hip-hop artists in the U.K. and will begin promoting and releasing new artists in 2020.



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