Big Bounce Drops New Rap Album - 'Soul Minded'

Last month, we featured
Big Bounce, a rapper from Chicago's west side after he dropped a single, "Projects" an honest and heartfelt rap testimony set in the grimy streets of the Windy City.  That song was just the intro to a long story that he fully explores in his new rap album, entitled "Soul Minded"

A blend of backpack rap and trap, the 12 track project includes some amazing songs like Had Nun. On this song, Bounce reflects on the ones close to him who held him down when he didn't have much. He hints at the struggle and what illicit things had to be done to survive. "I know you remember them days when we didn't have nun..." I had the porch lights on and I gave you half of it. Now you do the math for me..."

Another cool song is Testimony. Big Bounce raps to a smooth beat; there's a trap soul vibe as he testifies about all he's seeing going on in his hood and how he wants to see his people "go harder and go farther" ... "my homie chasing hoes, he coulda went D1."

"N*ggas signing papers now ain't got no freedom. Where the f*ck is Suge Knight when you need em?"

The breadth of his music reveals an audible sense of versatility. He sounds comfortable spitting no matter what the beat is. And he's got an ability to switch up his flow.  He does this nicely on Darkside feat. BFG Kloud.  While his raw lyrics still hit hard, his delivery on the track resembles the feel of Snootie Wild's 2014 hit, Made Me ft. K Camp.

The Chicago rapper has strengthened his music within the last 12 months with the use of more vulnerability and pain in his music. But there's more to Big Bounce than that. "I talk about a lot of pain in my songs to let other people know that you're not the only person going through these issues, and I give the reality of the situations I’m in or have been through."

He explained, "for me soul minded is the everyday battle between the soul and the mind and how they both work together to heal each other through the rough times in America. The pandemic and my upbringing stories is what put this album together."

Big Bounce grew up on the west side of Chicago, moving around in the Austin Area: "I saw a lot of traumatic stuff, so I remember, I recalls about this time in his life. I was raised in a family of five kids, where the music never stopped playing: "Everyone had their favorites: R&B, gospel, Jay Z, Drake, In particular, I acquired a taste for Jazz from my father."

The album is an authentic, raw reflection of the life Big Bounce is living and the visions he has for himself and his homies.  He says he hopes listeners just catch the story always leaving them interested in knowing what’s next. "I can remember those exact times too, and get to know me through my music of course."

Well you will definitely get to know more about Big Bounce by streaming this project. Its an unfiltered snapshot into who he is and how he's doing life. 



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