Don Gritty Drops Album, 'L.I.F.E Deluxe'

Don Gritty has a story to tell, and he's using some sick trap beats and his authentic lyrics to deliver his musical message. The Atlanta, Georgia based hip hop artist recently released a 10 song album entitled "L.I.F.E Deluxe. The well produced project has some standout tracks including Waste No Time which he released a video for. Check it out below:


Surviving a past filled with unfortunate situations, the rap phenom takes to the mic to express his journey and artistic creativity. Not falling into the statistical reality of his peers, Don Gritty finds healing in music. Channeling his love of the beat with his will to overcome, Don Gritty is redefining what it is to be phenomenal. 

Live for the moment is another album highlight. On this track, Gritty talks about his "gritty" environs, seeing his homies die, and living for the moment. The song has a catchy melodic quality that makes the intense content more palatable. 

You should also check out The Man. It's a connective track about his hustle and grind from the days when he used to hide grams in his timberlands to the come up, trying to be a better man. "Every chance that I get, Imma do my best and follow up again...."

"Always on go, but I don't know where I'm going, yeah, cuz I should live for the moment..."

Falling in love with music at an early age, the rapper looked to hip hop greats such as 2 Pac, Jay-Z, and DMX to help perfect his cadence and help mold his artistic execution. Talent by birth, artist by trade, Don Gritty is showing the world what it is to grow up gritty. Hitting the Atlanta music scene from all angles, Don Gritty uses music as his blueprint for life. Taking his story to the track he allows his listeners to relate to the man while falling in love with the music. A triple threat in his own right, this rapper, writer, and visual artist is a force to be seen. 



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