Is Action Bronson A Beat Jacker? Kay Nine Tha Boss Alleges The Rapper Stole the Beat on 'Baby Blue' from Him

This is a case for the hip hop detectives. Hip Hop artist Kay Nine Tha Boss released his music video "Try Me" feat. Jayo Felony in 2011. In 2012, the song was released as a single on his sophomore album, Tha Backstreets

Fast forward to the present: Fans of the California rapper started  hitting up Kay Nine about fellow rap artists, Action Bronson and Chance The Rapper.  His fans have expressed being extremely upset at the fact they believe Kay Nine's beat was stolen by Action Bronson and used for his debut commercial single "Baby Blue" feat. Chance The Rapper. 

Listen to Kay Nine The Boss' "Try Me" Ft. Jayo Felony (Released in 2011)

Now Listen to Action Bronson's "Baby Blue" feat. Chance The Rapper (Released in 2015). 

Kay Nine says "I can hear similarities in the beat. The main part of the beat's piano rips sound like the ones in my beat".  He wants people to know "I am not not upset, I'm just shocked ... but at the same time not surprised". It's known throughout the Hip Hop community that Action Bronson's flow has heavy similarities to that of Ghost Face Killer from Wu-Tang Clan. 

In a 2015 interview with Complex, Bronson explained that he wanted to put together a small musical with the three tracks he had within the album and found the ending to it as a kiss-off to a former flame and moving on from it. The beat to Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz's  1997 hit,"Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)" was used as a reference by Ronson to come up with the song's opening. Kay Nine says he doesn't understand why an artist with such a big name and following would want to steal his beat. 

He has not been vocal about the matter, because he feels his music speaks for itself. However, he now knows that on a business and creative level this cannot be ignored.

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