JAYTHEXIX Releases New Studio Album, 'The Light'

Bahamian born rapper, JAYTHEXIX is dropping his first studio album, and the first ever studio EP.  Born Anjudde Matthias Parker, but better known as JAYTHEXIX, he's a singer-songwriter who grew up in the church playing a bunch of different instruments like bass, keyboard and drums. In his hometown of Freeport, Bahamas, Jay developed a passion for music that he is now sharing with the world. Entitled The Light, the project is refreshingly musical, highly rhythmic, and lyrically on point.

"I'm from the Islands; I'm not from the city..."

JAYTHEXIX has travelled throughout the Caribbean pursuing his passion and love for the art of music. His travels gave him the opportunity to meet like-minded musicians and build lifelong relationships. He briefly attended the University of the Caribbean where he studied music. On the mic, his crisp flow is balanced by seductively soulful beats. The result is music you can really vibe with; you can tell Jay knows his craft. 

His first album, The Light, was produced by Islandmind Recordings, a recording label started in 2015 by producer Edward Hoyte. Hoyte has a wide experience in the music industry and has helped with the production of several big records. He moved back home to Abaco, Bahamas, where he is now helping new artists develop their music careers.

“Creating music and art was always my passion,” said JAYTHEXIX. “Even after the devastation from the storm, I can look up and continue this journey.”

In September 2020, the rapper broke into the Billboard Bahamas Top Ten Upcoming Artists, landing at spot number five on the list. His music has a Caribbean flavor with a lyrical soul that shows his love of the music and rap art forms. 


SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/islandmindrecordings 

Audiomack: audiomack.com/jaythe6ixx


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