Jeff Fresh Drops Full-Length Album, 'Shadow Black'

Jeff Fresh is a rising figure in South Florida's hip hop scene. The Haitian-American artist is well on his way to the top with his unique sound. His music is a dynamic mix of hip-hop, soul, and Afro-pop, blended together with the sounds of Kompa to make an irresistible fusion. After years of dedication, he is now set to reach a larger audience than ever before with the release of his best music to date. His new full-length album is entitled "Shadow Black"

"Across the world they love my Haitian flow..."

The project contains 17 tracks and features from Juke, Akari, Gigi, Tha Goat, and Chief 3rd Basedame. On the album, Fresh spits on a number of relevant topics. The most timely being Capitol Hill Freestyle where he references last month's violent, insurgent takeover in DC.  On Can't Sit With Us, Jeff Fresh also makes note of last summer's Black Lives Matter movement, suggesting that he stopped wearing Gucci and now prefers "Black owned only."

Part of what makes "Shadow Black" so dope is its authenticity as a body of work. Jeff Fresh uses his lyrics as an honest reflection of his current thoughts and feelings. 

"No record deal cuz a n*gga too real"

Ayiti Cheri is a track that gives a nod to his Haitian heritage. On the track, Fresh goes back and forth between Kreyol and English, celebrating "my beautiful people." Jeff was born in Pompano, Florida but spent his childhood in both Ft. Lauderdale and Haiti. His grandparents introduced him to Kompa, a popular Haitian traditional style, which led to his early love of music. As he came of age, he discovered the thriving, multicultural scene of South Florida and became determined to create his own legacy.

"Young n*gga get paid when I get on the road"

Other standouts for me include Sex Me, which has a nice motherland vibe with the afrobeats, and Clothes Off --another late night party song with an international feel, "dim the lights down, baby take your clothes off."

Jeff separates himself from the crowd with a fearless sense of individuality. “If you are comfortable in your skin, some individuals will despise you,” he explains, “because they are not as comfortable in their own skin as you.” Having already proven himself to be a versatile and unique talent, there is no telling how much Jeff Fresh might accomplish.


Instagram: @itsjefffresh


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