Long Island Rapper HKC Drops New EP, 'Art of War'

For many, music is the lifeblood through which we can express our feelings, emotions, or ambitions. But Hip Hop music is more than that. Hip Hop is a way of life. For Jordan Rothman, rap music helped him find his way to becoming HKC. When he's on stage, HKC is a force to be reckoned with. The 18 year old artist from Lynbrook, New York has been doing music heavy for about 3 years. 

HKC started out producing, and then he began rapping and singing hooks on his own instrumentals shortly after that. Earlier this month, he released a dope EP entitled "Art of War". The project is unique; he's telling his story through his own words, and he does it well. 

The EP kicks off with Back Up ft. Grafic. The beat is off the heezy-- African drums and all; and HKC shows off his skills as a rapper. His lyrical content is tough yet honest. That authenticity is what will make his music connect with listeners  On the track One Man Army, I like when he spits, "had the black 12s on, I was feeling myself." He also raps, "I ain't with that gang shit, b*tch you f*cking wit a one man army." His flow is upbeat,  and the delivery hits the mark. 

"I was never the stereotype. Never the norm, cuz I weathered the storm of emotions, got problems of various types."

Let It Rain feat. D.I.L.E.M.A, is the last song on the EP. On this track, although he throws in a cool reggae tribute to Damian Marley's Welcome to Jamrock, the track has a progressive r&b vibe. On the song, in addition showing off his vocals, HKC lets listeners in his head as he sings and spits about having a guilty conscience and feeling regret. 

HKC is very talented, and definitely one to watch.  Make sure you check him out on social and streaming platforms...


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/official_hkc/


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