Marcus Porter Unleashes His Lyrical Skills on 'Soup for the Soul'

In the early 1980s hip-hop was at a vital turning point. The sound smoothed out as emcees got access to production equipment. Synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines became cheaper and more accessible. Roland’s iconic TR-808 drum machine became the weapon of choice. Instead of relying on DJ breakbeats, music producers could now program original drum patterns, a cornerstone of hip hop's powerful bass drum sound.  

The last decade has seen many new sounds influence hip hop music. Madison, Wisconsin hip hop artist, Marcus Porter is one of those innovative artists infusing dope new sounds into the genre. Using hues of indie, backpack rap and hints of r&b, he began to create music for his own ears until he realized that his music needed to resonate with other people. His latest single, entitled "Soup for the Soul", is an uplifting, highly melodic rap track that showcases his skills as a producer and lyricist. The beat is unique; it works well with his conscious lyrics as he unpacks his life experiences on this track. 

The 30 year old hip-hop and r&b artist & producer brings music, which he deems as essential, uplifting and also inspirational. His vibe reminds me of Chance the Rapper. 

"Never been lame, learning these lessons, giving out blessings..."

Having been lauded by fans as a true artist, Marcus Porter has performed at the Lifest stage and has hosted many other intimate performances which are engaging and lively. Marcus Porter has been compared to the likes of Kid Cudi, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, Kanye West and also Travis Scott.

Buzz Music LA Blog described him as a “unique rapper and lyricist who has undeniable skill” and an “artist who is unafraid to bare his soul” through poetically curated lyrics and melodies, Marcus Porter is one talented rapper bringing his A game to the world of music. 

"Soup for the Soul" is a shining example of what happens when talent, hip-hop and "soul" collide. 

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