MIXTAPE REVIEW: S2DA Drops Encouraging Rap Project 'Quarantine Crazy'

is an up-and-coming hip hop artist whose rare style and rap flow are bringing up steam. Originally from Columbia, South Carolina, he moved to Charlotte to be a part of The Mack Krew.

He describes his style as "southern unorthodox". His delivery is rare -- S2da speaks the truth and encourages "getting to it." 

He recently dropped a dope mixtape called "Quarantine Crazy". Its a raw yet inspirational project, complete with 9 tracks of mellow trap, backpack rap type vibes and lyrics that talk about vision, hope, and hustle. Describing his ambition and grind he  says, "growing up in South Carolina isn't like any other city. You have to make what you want to do."

"I'm the type of n*gga that's gon' go and get these figures." 

He's no stranger to the world of underground rap. The rapper has been featured on on 8 Mack Krew EPs and mixtapes.

He is also a designer; his clothing line is called MK Merch or MKM.  "Nothing is given, and no one has made it so it's like everybody is tryin to be that one."  

My music is about motivating and inspiring others to go get it ... don't sit and wait for something to happen. On this mixtape, he has some sick tracks. Standouts for me include Bucky, Time is Money, and his High Fashion remix.  You can listen to the whole mixtape here: https://mymixtapez.com/album/241699

Two of the tracks, Bucky and IsaPlaya on the tape were produced by @kashmadeit. These songs both have an undeniable groove factor. the soulful instrumentation perfectly complement S2da's bars. 

S2da has a chill flow on Lz feat. Quan Wilkez, as he spits, "told that b*tch I'm probly better off by my own." The beat on this song is a mellow vibe with subtle high hats that go hard with his heavily synthesized vocals. There's almost an emo-rap vibe. In his honesty, there's an inspirational message for his listeners to be independent minded, and fight through all the bullsh*t and hell.  That's a message everyone can identify with, having to deal with pandemic and our "new abnormal" life. 

"Quarantine Crazy" is a real vibe and if you put your ears on it you will be encouraged to make something shake.


Twitter:  @2damkm 
Instagram: @s_2da 
Facebook: @s2da of the mack krew 
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaS_Df0CxXIpy7lUjmbolSw
Website: www.thes2da.com


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