Rap Artist Tony Pesos Releases 'I'm So Fly'

Strictly Official Entertainment (SOE) artist, Tony Pesos just dropped a new banger. The track is called I'm So Fly, and its a party track. It's one for the late nightcap crowd. The beat has some sexy Persian undertones and Pesos flow is a real laid back, fun vibe. 

"Been this way since birth, with game to quench ya thirst"

Tony Pesos currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, "but of course I still have my Bay Area essence in full effect," he says. Explaining his upbringing, Pesos told us, "I was born at St. Lukes Hospital in San Francisco, California @ 7am, lived in SF till I was 10, and then moved P-World California for about 2 years, then moved to Antioch, California... that's where I grew up majority of my teenage years." 

His sound is mainstream, but his lyrics are creatively unique-- strewn together in a poetic way that tells his authentic story. "I learned how to write poetry in the 4th grade which later helped me in writing my 1st song when I was 15. Of course life takes us on adventures sometimes that we don't expect but even I feel I had a tough ride on life I always wrote lyrics no matter whether I was able to record in the studio or not," he explained. 

"With game so cold like you just got frostbit"


Instagram: @tonypesos_soe 

Twitter: @PesosSoe


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