Yung Brat + Blooodhound Collab on New Single, '13-11-26'

Australian rapper Yung Brat and music producer Blooodhound teamed up on a dope collab titled "13-11-26".  While I can't be 100% certain on the significance of the numbers, a quick google search reveals these are the same numbers for the Poison Information Line.  And the track's sound is real trippy. You can draw your own conclusions... But what's certain is that the song is out of the box, and has an alternative underground, lo-fi quality about it. 

"I told my mom, mom Imma buy you everything, so I'm on the street."

The two who hail from Sydney, recorded  the whole track in a cemetery.  The 18 year old rapper, Yung Brat was so wavy, he admith that he doesn’t remember making it. The song is well produced; the beat is sick with all the high hats and xylophonic elements. And then throw in the song's lyrics and all the samples, and you've got a song that is definitely unique... Its worth a listen... 


Blooodhound's Instagram: @BLOOODHOUND
Yung Brat's Instagram: @judetheprophet

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