A1 Smoove Unleashes His Raw Emotions in New Album -- 'No Love Lost'

A1 Smoove
is a hip hop and R&B artist out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida who is on the rise. He's a well rounded musician who wears multiple hats when it comes to making music. From recording engineer to songwriter, Smoove does it all.  He's been c
reating music and engineering for over a decade as the CEO of SMG Entertainment & Talent Services. But it's his latest recordings that have the local area buzzing. His new 9 track project is entitled "No Love Lost"

The EP is a musical caption of his top-notch energy, and the production quality is A1. From the opening song, In a Message to  the last track, Gets Cold, "No Love Lost" is proof of his combining great sense of music knowledge and production skills with his pen to deliver a lyrically and musically unique project. 

He says he's always prepared to display his "smoove" signature sound and creativity that has become so tied into his life. 

A1 Smoove says... "I have been doubted all my life but never could put doubt into music no matter what the circumstances was.... My music is truly real UNCUT and RAW."

And I would have to agree. There is a real authenticity that shines through when he spits. Some of the standouts for me include In a Message -- a track where A1 Smoove drops a sick trap beat under his catchy lyrics, "she don't wanna call, she gon' text..."

Out of Range is a trap love ballad where A1 keeps it raw and all the way 100 as he raps/sings about how he treats the ladies. The instrumentation in this song is official. 

"Never really met a b*tch that I really need.."

Chick I Need and Reminiscing are two smooth and mellow tracks on the album that gives us some insight into how A1 Smoove deals with love and emotions. 

The album can easily be streamed from beginning to end. It's a mellow trap soul vibe that makes good kickback or study music.


Instagram: @smgsmoove


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