Adrian Aguilera Drops 6 Track EP - 'MidKnight'

This Sunday, its about kicking back, realigning your body clock, and enjoying this nice weather as we spring forward into a new season. For me, Sunday is when I listen to new music to get an ear for what the streets and streams are playing. So is how I came across this cool rapper by the name of Adrian Aguilera. He just released a new project called "MidKnight".  Its a 6 track EP with an upbeat, hard hitting sound. But the story behind how the EP came about is as inspiring as the banging sounds that abound it. 

Aguilera explained, "it was inspired by me working 3rd shift ... Every night I went to work, I'd have motivation to write lyrics and during breaks I would.." This is what became of it. 

From the opening track, Lifted, I could feel that this dude has a refined ear and big vocabulary. The track has a sexy mellow vibe, and he spits with a soulful musicality and a flow structure he describes as "slow steady jazz inspired."

"High off my ego and brilliance"

Another song that he does his thing on is Pesos. He raps about struggle, blessings, and perseverance. The piano accompaniment adds a unique touch. 

Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan he grew up listening to all kinds of music. He's of Mexican descent, so he was exposed to a wide variety of sounds. When he moved to Michigan, he found passion in writing poetry. Growing up, he loved instrumentals of all sorts and thats where he took his passion of writing to the next level... Learning and practicing how to rap from his hip-hop heroes was the direction his passion led to.

TWB: Who are your musical influences?

AA: My influence comes from artists to producers... for example, my first hip hop track I listened to was Tupac and Dr Dre -- California love. This song started this journey. I look up to legends like Tupac, Dr Dre, B.I.G, Nas, Will Smith, BIG L, BIG Pun, Guru from Gang Starr ... there's a lot more, to producers like J Dilla, Pete Rock, Dj Primer, Dj Jazzy Jeff, The Alchemist, Madlib. Hearing what they create inspires me.

What I like about "MidKnight" is that each track delivers a different flow while the lyrical content remains steady. On this project, Adrian Aguilera shows off his skills as a rapper, singer, songwriter and producer.  






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