Alt-Hip Hop Artist, Danson Gives Us 'Staircase Kisses'

Danson is a Latin American alternative Hip Hop artist/director. Born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts, he's always aiming to improve the quality of his work and connect with his audience through the music. Perhaps this is why his work stands out from the pack.

Danson, who describes himself as a "golden rose plucked from a dying bush," released a new song and video last month entitled Staircase Kisses. A love song of sorts, he reflects on the emotions running through him as he plays with a musical juxtaposition of alternative rock and trap on the track.

The single has some dope melodic flows, like when he raps/sings, "I might hurt you cause I knew I wasn't ready for someone." A long and complicated expression, Danson knows how to tie lyrics, music, and emotion all into one. This song hooks you in at the chorus which has an emo vibe, "I fell in love with another one; I never thought I'd be back here." This authentic feeling is one many (including me) can relate to.  This is one for the playlist. 

"This is trouble. I got demons that I'm always running from"

Staircase Kisses is "Part 1" of his project, "Ever After".  The song is available on all platforms.  




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