ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Rapper x Producer Erinem Drops Cutting Edge New Album -- 'The Gambit'

I must admit, when this next Tyler, Texas based artist's EPK came across my desk, I got excited. Eminem hasn't released an album in FOREVER, and upon first glance, the music tastemaker in me thought I was getting a first listen at his new project. But coming up next is actually a dope lyricist who goes by the name, Erinem. And while there are some other similarities-- both have  cool flow structure, crispy lyrics, and an affinity for baggy hoodies, this female emcee is of a new breed. Her brand new 8 track album is entitled, "The Gambit".

"And so, it appears my only peer is me; I gotta be my own advocacy."

Her sound feels like a young Alanis Morisette delivering a cross between spoken word and 90s rap. Refreshing as it is, the album starts out dark with Critical Condition. On this track, we get to know the person that is Erinem. Out of the box, "addicted to lyrical perfection", and highly gifted not only as an artist, but her whole mind.  Although she's a member of Mensa and holds a masters degree in creative writing from an ivy league school,  her iron clad focus is hip hop. She wants more than anything to work with her peers, and to participate in the hip hop culture in a way that is humble and contributive. 

And while female rappers are in vogue, Erinem does not want to be known for her appearance, gender, age, race, or any other superficial identifier. She wants to be recognized for her work, her lyricism, her attention to detail and her well honed skill and craft. Her lyrical skills are showcased well on Underdog. In her rap/musical monologue, she talks about the words in her mind, fending for herself, and being expected to lose. But she flips it around... "since I got one life to live, to this music I give it. 

Erinem's name actually has no connection to the multi-platinum rapper Eminem; rather its a bit of a "serendipitous coincidence" as she described it. Born Erin Emily Wheeler, Erinem decided to keep some semblance of her given name as part of her artist name, because she felt like she found her true self in her musical pursuits, so it made sense to keep her real name associated with her artist name, as music felt like the first real thing she’d done before.

Her story is one of struggle, grit, and triumph. Kicked out several schools growing up and expelled from every high school in the district, she found herself 16 and living on her own. Instead of idly sitting in her predicament, she obtained her GED, started taking college classes, moved to NYC and gained a foothold into the "me" she wanted to be. 

"It's me vs. me"

Now back in Texas, Erinem is making meaningful music like Battle Cry. This song speaks of her strength and determination as she compares her situation to a boxing match. This track is emotional as she sings about stepping up and fighting through the pain.

'The Gambit' is an exiting and revealing project you are sure to enjoy. Its available on all streaming platforms...



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