Birthpush Pushes Musical Boundaries With New Single, 'Sh!t Like That'

From experimental hip hop to alt-pop, for some bands, genre is not so easily defined. For Birthpush, no one size fits all. This out-of-the-box, one man band led by Kiernan Hutchinson, is like chugging a mouthful of pop rocks candy; it starts off smooth and then starts popping and jumping off as you enjoy it. I found all sorts of tasty bursts of deliciousness as I listened to Birthpush's new single, Sh!t Like That.

With elements of everything from trap to alt-pop, this track feels like a mashup of Blink 182, Lil Nas X, and Fetty Wap.  The sound is unique and refreshing. Hutchinson really locks it in lyrically on the hip-hop leaning bridge when he raps/sings, "Imma get a portrait done. Just like me its fading." It's a dope sound...this song has so much to unpack.

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, the Baltimore transplant’s music reflects his day-to-day feelings in his dynamic plethora of styles. He swears he’s not just alt-pop, though that’s where he’ll settle if forced to pick a genre. But in terms of cutting edge sounds, Birthpush is pushing boundaries in a good way. This song is definitely one to add to the playlist.

Each new Birthpush track, which drops once every week, is bound to be sonically distant from the last, whether it’s lyrically or musically.





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