Feeny + Aud Rigo Team Up for Collaborative Album, 'Twilight Zone'

North East Los Angeles (NELA) based hip hop artists, Aud Rigo and Feeny teamed up to collaborate on a dope new project entitled Twilight Zone.

The 11 track album starts out with Player, a melodic song with some heavy reverb on the vocals, giving the song an adult contemporary/ progressive r&b vibe. Then they jump into The Hills, "up in the hills, I ain't got no reception," and it becomes clear there is a sexy sophistication to the album.  The project is a dope collaboration. 

One of my favorite songs on the album is Focusrite. The whimsical DaBaby meets Chris Brown type beat sets the tone for these two artists. The track is upbeat and fun which compliments the high-life, late night party lyrics... "love the way you dance in the candle light."

Check out the video for Focusrite...

22 year old Mexican-American, Aud Rigo is from Glassell Park-- a mainly hispanic populated side of Los Angeles. He grew up around gang activity from a Mexican- American gangs called “Avenues", “Cypress Park , “ Highland Park “ and “Clover Heights". He started freestyling in grade school and grew up listening to G-Unit, D12, Dr. Dre,  Eminem, The Game, and TDE . When he turned 18, Rigo started taking music more seriously-- buying his first microphone off his first 9-5 job paycheck and dropping his first song on SoundCloud (which got 1000 plays first week which showed him he can do something with music). He moved to San Diego for 4 years networking his way into making music professionally in studios with his Russian engineer, Tonik . Aud Rigo dropped his first project with Oakcliff Dallas rapper, KiNg EmErY in early 2019 before eventually dropped his own project “ HiLFiGuRe BaBy “ that fall; it featured artists like KiNg EmErY , Heartbreak from San Diego, and Pachino from New York who was featured on Trippie Redds first mixtape song “ No Smoke Ft. Pachino “ and many Famous Dex songs. Aud Rigo has been back in Los Angeles since the pandemic, pushing his content. He linked up with producer/artist, Feeny from G5 who is also from NELA and started working on their new collaborative project, “ Twilight Zone".

25 year old producer/artist, Feeny is a member of a music group, G5, a group that steadily grew its buzz from having a different sound than other Los Angeles based artists and gained local fame through shows and events. He's biracial, and grew up in North East Los Angeles between Glassell Park and Highland Park . Music is in his blood. He has parental history of music which led him to start making music and producing. Feeny went to VAPA, an art school for talents which is where he began making music with Doja Cat before her rise.  He eventually linked up with Atlas, a producer in G5 who introduced him to the group. Because of his production skills -- being able to mix / master / produce/record vocals, Feeny went from being a solo artist/producer to becoming a member of G5.  He met Aud Rigo through other members in G5 recording in the same studio and the chemistry began in a studio with an engineer in Lincoln Heights named Server. 

The project is definitely worth listening to. Its great music for vibing out. And the production quality is A1. Its playlist and radio ready. 

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