Lil Pink Drops Emotional New Single, 'Holding On' Feat. L.O.C.O

Lil Pink is making dope music look easy. Right on the back heels of their album, "Supernatural" comes a dope collab with rapper L.O.C.O entitled,  Holding On. On the single, the emotional vocals help  deliver a beautiful and melodic hook that seems to represent the sweet memories Lil Pink holds onto in their head to keep from going off the deep end after losing someone special. The track connects with a lot of people because we can all relate to this feeling. 

On the song, you can feel the overwhelming stress and how the loss is hard; and sanity is not forsaken as Lil Pink raps, "I'm just holdin' on the good memories and the last of my f*ckin' sanity." Then L.O.C.O comes in later on the track to reinforce the same message, spitting "when you left my side I felt like part of my soul was gone."

The sound on this song blends elements of emo-pop, alternative, and hip hop sounds together to create a sound that is true to Lil Pink.

"But you stabbed me too many times in the back. I could never forgive you for that."

The video for Holding On is captivating. It really helps sell the story. 

If there's some reassuring grace, it's the supernatural feeling of being watched over like a guardian angel that runs throughout the tune. The lyrics on the chorus reinforce this, "watching over you even though I'm gone" and "I will fade away when the sun goes down" but "you're not alone cause I'll be holding on."



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