New Beat Sharing Startup, Wahzaa Launches New Subscription based Site for Royalty-Free Beats

I'm all about new music startups. Music is a business, and if you do it right, it can pay off big time.  There's this new company called Wahzaa that's giving independent hip hop artists the opportunity to get royalty-free beats from international hitmakers. This means the beats you download on their site can be used in your music and distributed on whatever platform you want like TikTok, YouTube, or Spotify without having to pay any royalties. Thats lit. 

Its connecting dope beatmakers, producers, and rappers like Greekazo who has over 130 million streams on Spotify. The European rapper says he uses Wahzaa to "find great inspiration, the latest sound, and an enormous variety of beats to play around with." 

So, we put the site to the test. There are three different subscription plans ranging from free to premium. With the premium plan, subscribers can listen to all the beats and download the beats you want to use with credits. Most beats cost about 10 credits (you get 100 credits a month). We chose a free plan which still allows users to listen to beats and choose from the selection of beats available for free download. The beats on the site are dope. Its definitely worth checking out. Also, they've got a two week free trial right now if you're shaky... 

If you're a beatmaker or a producer and want to contribute content, you can hit them up here. And if you want find and download beats to use for audio streaming, live performances, social media, etc  you can use Wahzaa, by going to

Follow @WahzaaBeats on Instagram. 


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