Rapper Goyrd Gears Up to Drop New Single, 'Gorilla Glue'

Florida bred rapper, Goyrd is about to unleash a hard one for the culture.  On March 15th, he's dropping his new single entitled "Gorilla Glue".  The beat on this jawn is out of the box. It mixes the elements of drill and trap with a dab of experimental instrumentation.  On the song, Goyrd delivers some mellow bars about his sticky interactions with the ladies. And let's just say, he's not bragging about being a gentleman. 

"Can't love a hoe, so it must be the lust..."

The 21 year old emcee has crafted a sound that is refreshingly unique. He's light-hearted, his rhymes are laid back, and his music is fun to vibe to.  He's one to watch.  You can pre-save his new song on Spotify

"I don't luh that girl, but I swear I love that p*ssy..."

What’s the story behind this track?
There was this time in my life where I really didn’t care if a girl had a boyfriend. And because of my “what I want, imma get” and “what’s mine is mine” mentality, I became just a little bit cocky and things become very toxic and very intense. It’s hard being a Leo. I don’t do that stuff anymore though.

Who are your musical influences?
Honestly... Big Sean actually gave me the idea of becoming a rapper, especially after he came out with his dark sky paradise album. And ever since I heard it again that 100th time, I’ve then started working towards improving my flow and my wordplay, since I was already rapping just as a hobby at that point. About 3 years later was the first time I actually started listening to J.Cole. It was only when he dropped “KOD” I realized that to me, he is consistently good with his music and can not miss. Seriously though..... since 2018, J.Cole has became my most listened to artist, hands down. At that point, I started focusing on my storytelling, because in my opinion, that is essential for great music.

When did u start making music?
I started just for fun in late 2015. I usually claim 2016, because I made my first recorded song in early 2016, and I was just playing around in about December 2015, so I really don’t want to claim that.

How would u describe ur sound?
Head-bobby. I know that’s not a word, but I make music you could bob your head to. I want that vibe you get in good old fashioned hip-hop, but just a little newer.



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