ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: v!n$ynT Releases New Album: 'V for v!n$ynT: S3ASON 2W0'

Often times, rappers hide behind a good beat or a dope sample to make up for what they lack in delivery or flow structure, but not v!n$ynT. He's a lyrical enigma who has impressed fans across the globe through lyrical prowess and ingenious delivery. Born Vincent Settles and raised in the crime riddled N.E, Washington DC area, v!n$ynT had to adapt and learn what he describes as survival skills. This included immersing himself in the music and finding a voice with which his apparent talents could be harnessed and used to maximum potential.

He began his career as Denard DaPoet and changed it to his long standing alias Vin-O in 2016 and released a full length 22-track album entitled "Truths, Understanding, Poetry and Culture".

In 2020, the rapper/lyricist felt the need to evolve his brand and changed his stage name to v!n$ynT and dropped a full length album entitled "Social Vandalism". Today, he dropped a brand new 11 song project entitled, "
V for v!n$ynT: S3ASON 2W0".  He creatively spits the tracks up into episodes. Some of my favorites include Different Levels, Different Devils (The Pilot), Busted Pipes? or VVS (S2/E6), and Every road has setbacks. 

"Level up, show yourself that you never stuck "

As I listened to the new project, I couldn't help but hear the  influences of Rick Ross, J. Cole, and Jay-Z in his flow structure. While his lyrical content is no doubt unique, there's a comforting nostalgia that I get from his sound. This dude knows his way around hip hop.  And despite the evident metamorphosis as a brand, the core values of what makes up v!n$ynT music haven’t changed. 

v!n$ynT’s music is a versatile look into his life chronicles. 
In Breakdowns and Breakthroughs he spits, "living so reckless and free, nobody told us  to think about caution." He draws from the life experiences where incarceration and crime among many other vices are common place. And it is those raw experiences and the ability to articulate thoughts and emotions that allow him to make music that is not only authentic but grounded in reality and honesty. This is by far the dopest song on the album. On the track, v!n$ynT switches up the sound, showcasing his versatility and musicianship. The noticeably emo, alt-rock vibe makes it that much harder to find the beat, yet he masterfully goes in--hard, delivering  heavy hitting bars and profound lyrical content.   It was just unexpected, but brilliant.  

Through the lyrics and his undeniable flows, v!n$ynT addresses a variety of topics ranging from such subjects as the streets, relationships and socially mindful topics that enlighten the masses and provoke thoughts and emotion and results in a reflective listening experience


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