Rapper VMG-ANT Drops Dark Trap Track, 'Critics' Ft. Dray Stokes

VMG-ANT is 20 year old born rapper doing his part to make a name for himself in this crowded industry. He's as creative as they come, and his grind and determination make him stand out from the pack. And his music shows this emcee has talent, drive, and street hustle.  His new single, "Critics" Feat. Dray Stokes, just dropped. 

"Before you stab me in my back, say you ain't f*ckin wit me"

VMG-ANT is originally from Detroit, Michigan but began making music after moving to Morristown, Tennessee in 2020.  On this new joint, he raps about trust issues, rejection, and criticism. The beat has a dark feel, but ANT f*cks with it heavy. His mellow, narrative-like flow is something we don't hear enough of in the rap game.  

Dray Stokes delivers energetic feature and gives the song a dab of variety with his verse as he spits, "I wont let these ratchets get the best from me."

"Critics" is a perfect track to add to your trap playlist. The vibe is real nice for rolling up, studying, or a kickback. 

"They say I'm lame but why these labels keep on f*ckin wit me"

Listen to the track here: 

Who are your musical influences? 

G Herbo, Lil Durk, and Yung Honcho ...they each play a big motivational role to me because each of them have been able to overcome doubts about them and there success. The more they win the more I feel I have the ability to go big...

How did you get started rapping? 

In 2019, my younger brother recorded me freestyling in my car and when we posted it I got around 2k shares and a lot of great feedback so I decided to take a shit and get serious.

Why not pop or country music? What do you love about hip hop? 

I feel like I have lived such a unique life from being arrested 6+ times before 16, to going through group homes and basically being kicked out of Knoxville, where I lived before, that hip hop really gives me a chance to tell my story in a different way than other music genres.

What inspires your lyrical content? 

My childhood. ... Music is really my therapy; I can't just have conversations about the effects of my friends dying , or the violence that I've witnessed, so I just put it in my music. When I listen to my finished product, I feel like an artist that painted a picture for others to better understand me.

Dope... So, tell me about your production process? (Where do you record, do you write lyrics in a book of just memorize stuff? Where did you get the beat from? 

I've actually never been to a real studio yet. I was in Japan for the past 2 years, so I would book hotels and record there or record on my homeboy, Acosta's equipment. As far as my lyrics, I just let the beat and my mind guide me. I don't write anymore because I notice when I would read my lyrics it didn't sound as genuine as I wanted it to sound while recording. So, I get on YouTube and let my emotions do the rest.

Dream Collab? 

Definitely G Herbo and Lil Durk. I've been saving up money to eventually get a feature from both. I was able to do a song with Yung Honcho in 2020, so I am just taking steps towards my next goal.


Instagram: @VMGANT
Snapchat: antbone0224


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