Rapper Young Kaso Sheds Light on Suicide and Mental Health on New Single, 'Die Slow'

The Duke & Duchess of Sussex, more commonly known as Harry and Meghan, sat down with Oprah recently, and ever since, the topic of mental health has been buzzing. Even before the interview, celebrities have been ringing the alarm about mental health. Between the frenzy of the pandemic, not being able to go to school, being stuck in a small apartment or losing a loved one to COVID-19, there are many reasons you can list for needing counseling. No longer is mental health as stigmatized as it has been in the past. One young rapper is speaking his truth about his own mental health struggles. 

It hasn't been an easy road for Young Kaso. The 16 year old hip-hop artist is a suicide survivor and a mental health advocate. He raps about issues frequently encountered by people with DID and psychotic tendencies. In his new song, "Die Slow", he raps about his struggles with depression, hopelessness, and what it feels like to want to die. He shares some authentic emotions on the song.  On the track, he says, "feeling less like my bed, and more like a coffin."

I asked him a few questions to get the backstory on him as an artist, his life experiences, and how we got to "Die Slow"... Take a look at the video, and then check out what he revealed below...

How do your past experiences shape your sound?

My past experiences shape my sound in a lot of ways. I truly put my heart into my craft.

Who are some of your musical influences?

My musical influences are rappers like NF, Lecrae, and Kendrick Lamar. I’m also influenced by lo Fi artists like Powfu.

What made you get into rapping as opposed to some other genre?

I’m into rap because it spoke to my situation when i needed it most. I remember listening to Lecrae’s CD “anomaly” when I was younger, and being completely transformed by its lyrics and style.

What has life been like growing up in Pueblo?

Life in Pueblo went by fast, as most of the time was spent in the foster system there. I was eventually adopted into an AMAZING household with two loving parents, witch was a very new experience for me.

When you're not making music, what do you enjoy doing?

When I’m not making music, I’m listening to it. Hip hop is my life. I live, eat, sleep, and dream rap.


Instagram: @youngkasomusic

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