Rapper, Young Moose SUES Baltimore Police for $1M Claiming They Ruined His Rap Career

Young Moose, a rapper from Baltimore is suing a former Baltimore detective who was part of the city’s  Gun Trace Task Force for harassment and wrongful arrest.  The crooked cop is now serving an 18 year bid in the feds after he was convicted of racketeering offenses related to the task force corruption case. Hersl was accused of stealing money as a task force member 

On Wednesday, local media reported that the rapper whose real name is Kevron Evans, claimed the former task force detective, Daniel Hersl pursued him and his family in attempts to hurt his music career.

In a track called “Tired,” released in 2014, Evans rapped about how members of the GTTF harassed him and his family following the initial 2012 incident.

“Detective Hersl, he a b***h, I swear to God he ain’t right/ Heard about my rap career, he trying to f**k up my life,” Young Moose, now 27, rapped. 

According to the lawsuit, Evans met a friend at a bar on North Avenue and N. Collington Avenue on Oct. 20, 2012. As they were leaving, they were stopped by three officers who searched them both, but found nothing on them. His friend was released but Evans was taken into custody, then driven to another location where Hersl and other officers on the task force were standing by.

Evans alleges Hersl planted crack cocaine on him that night, which led to him being charged for drug possession. He later pleaded guilty on related charges to avoid jail time.

However, while he was on probation, the same officers obtained two arrest warrants stating Evans had violated his probation. Evans was arrested right before a show and ended up serving significant jailtime. Ultimately, he couldn’t perform at shows and claims he lost significant revenue due to his false arrest, the complaint alleges. He said the arrests and jailtime damaged his career.

Young Moose first became popular nearly a decade ago (especially in Baltimore/Washington area) after he started posting songs online in 2013. His brash, uncompromising tracks reflect the harsh environment he grew up in, frequently referencing guns and drug dealing. 

True to his lyrics, he has had numerous run-ins with the law.  Lyrics and screenshots from one of his videos was used in court documents. And Evans was arrested right before he was supposed go on stage for a performance at the Royal Farms Arena. 

 Evans has released several volumes of mixtapes titled Out the Mud (also the name of the clothing store he owns), but he's best known nationally for his 2015 single "Dumb Dumb." Last year he collaborated with Louisiana rapper, Boosie Badazz on the track, .

According to the Associated Press, the lawsuit was filed in Baltimore Circuit Court, and  the rapper is seeks at least $1.5 million in damages. The suit claims that Evans lost money making opportunities suffered damage to his reputation. 

Walter Timothy Sutton, an attorney representing Hersl, said he hadn’t seen Evans’ lawsuit. But he said that Hersl maintains he was an ethical police officer and is fully innocent.

The Gun Trace Task Force, which is now a defunct unit of the Baltimore Police Department, was supposed to help get guns and violent criminals off the streets. Instead, the nine-member task force was convicted of abusing their powers and citizens’ rights, including planting drugs and weapons and stealing money and jewelry.


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