ALBUM REVIEW: Tony Lit -- "Long Live Lit"

25 year old rapper, Tony Lit has been rapping up a storm. His latest release is a 16 track rap album entitled "Long Love Lit". The project mixes up backpack rap, trap, and alternative sounds to create a uniquely "Lit" vibe.

Hailing from Lakewood, New Jersey, he credits among his musical influences, Drake, Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, King Los.  His sound though, is not like any of those artists. Tony Lit has an almost West Coast-ish flow that really connects on Slide Thru and Triple Cs'.  On the latter, he's dropping some straight dope bars, spittin' "collard greens got her showing double ds."

"F*ck yo bitch, condolence.... Killed that p*ssy, now I own it..."

Some of the other standouts for me include Snow White and Shady featuring Tommy Traina. 

When I asked Tony about this album and what drove it, he described it as "my whole life in one project." And one of the songs that really brought that home was Legacy.  This track has a more hard, classic rap edge, and Lit seems to really shine on this beat. But perhaps too what makes this track unique is the lyrics. My favorite line was when he said, "I speak on topics that make em question their own credentials, loaded pleasures, got plans. Check my agenda." 

Overall, this project has a lot of moments that showcase the talents, potential, and versatility of Tony Lit. It's definitely worth a listen.


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