ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Max Mclaren Debuts His Rap EP 'Sonic Adventures'

Max Mclaren is a 21 rapper and producer whose debut release is a six song EP entitled "Sonic Adventures". It's an out-of-the-box, galactic feeling project that finds musical inspiration in visual art and the outer space. 

"Always on a trip with my good friend, Lucy"

The Reston, Virginia based artist completely developed the creative elements of this project, and he did it masterfully. He made the instrumentals and produced also. Max added that the third song,  It Wanders, represents a Van Gogh type painting (The Starry Night) with instrumental... and all the songs do in a way have a vibe somewhat like that. "

One of the songs you have to hear is An Adventure. The beat feels like it is right out of a video game soundtrack. Mclean has a backpack rap style as he spits about how he's feeling in his "trip". 

His lyrical wordplay is also a highlight on The Comeback like when he raps, "here to abuse my power like a motherf*ckin' warden." This project is definitely a great start for the young emcee. You can check out the whole EP on Apple Music and Spotify.



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