ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Rapper/Producer WILLHEEZY Drops New Single, 'Cullinan'

Willheezy is an 18 year old rapper, producer, and songwriter from North Carolina. He just dropped a wavy new song entitled Cullinan. Its definitely a vibe. As an emcee, he's got an upbeat yet laidback flow structure. His lyrics are like class clown meets life of the party. He speaks his mind in a fun, sometimes raw way that is relatable. 

"Imma do my thing, Imma keep dropping hits. They be like Willheezy, you don't miss"

The song is set to a dope trap beat, and the lil' hook line is very catchy. I f*cks with Willheezy's refreshing and original single. He's authentic to who he is but not shy about his desire for greatness (which explains the song's aspirational title). His melodic approach is easy on the ears, and the content is real light---perfect kickback music.

Cullinan is out now and available on all major platforms. Its definitely worth a listen. 



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